Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections

Register Event, Tour, or Campaign

Three ways to introduce your biodiversity collections to the world during April’s WeDigBio event (Thursday–Sunday, April 7–10, 2022) and the broader Citizen Science Month!

Let us know your plans by Wednesday, September 28, so that your activities can appear on the calendar and we have enough time to get the WeDigBio stickers and tattoos to you for your participants.

Engagement Option 1: Offer a 15-minute (or more) live-streaming or recorded biodiversity collections or library tour. Grab a friend with Zoom on their phone to manage the feed, and you’re all set. Interested in #1? Here’s the registration form for you:

Engagement Option 2: Schedule an in-person, virtual, or hybrid data creation event for your local community. Often these last about 2–3 hours and can include a live biodiversity collections tour or research talk. Sometimes these are occurring in a class and are part of an assignment. Interested in #2? Here’s the registration form for you:

Engagement Option 3: Schedule an online, multi-institution data creation campaign focused on your project to occur during WeDigBio. These can be as simple or ambitious as you’d like and should involve using options 1 and/or 2 above with a plan for social media engagement to keep it all cohesive. All in with #3? You rock! Here’s the registration form for you:

Finally, watch for a full announcement about the October WeDigBio Symposium.

If you are teaching this semester, the symposium and other WeDigBio activities can form the basis of a fun assignment or extra credit activity!


WeDigBio is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation's Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections Program (Cooperative Agreement EF-1115210). Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.