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WeDigBio 2018 swag on its way soon!

We've amassed a pile of WeDigBio stickers and tattoos for WeDigBio 2018 participants! These will start going out on Sept 24 to those of you who have registered your event by then. We will continue to send swag after that as event registrations are received, but we encourage everyone to register your event soon to ensure receipt!  

Ready to make WeDigBio 2018 Event the best ever!

Be a part of making WeDigBio 2018 the most inclusive, productive, and exciting event yet!

WeDigBio 2018 is Oct 18–21.  Be sure to register your event by Oct 1 to receive WeDigBio stickers and tattoos for your participants.  We cover a few important updates here—read on! got a refresh.

Thank you!

We're glowing after a very successful WeDigBio and have you all to thank for making it so. It warms our hearts to read of the many, many tangible accomplishments -- the projects getting completed, the transcriptions and georeferences rolling in, and all the digital data that are getting added to your invaluable biodiversity specimens. It's equally exciting to hear about the communities developing and growing around your collections, institutions, universities, and organizations. We hope to continue to see you online, contributing to transcription platforms and supporting collections!

WeDigBio 2017: Day 4

Thank you a million times over for all the work completed over the last four days!

There's still time to get in a few last transcriptions before the official end of WeDigBio 2017 (and I encourage you to do so!), so I'm going to save the lengthy, mushy thank you for tomorrow. For a bit of motivation in this home stretch, here are some highlights from today's events.

Event Hosts - Read On

Updates for event hosts, including a super important survey link, Sococo info, and a SciStarter reminder.

DIY WeDigBio in France

WeDigBio comes in all shapes and sizes. Read on to see how Delphine and Patrick have created their own weekly event "digging" bio.


One week to go!

WeDigBio headquarters is abuzz with activity in anticipation of the best global transcription blitz yet! We'd like to let you know of our Sococo virtual meeting space tutorial and a few event reminders. Read on for full details.


Each year, we provide stickers and temporary tattoos to onsite hosts for you to distribute to your participants. Follow the link in this post to provide us your mailing information.

SciStarter Registration

The wonderful folks at SciStarter are helping us advertise your onsite transcription events. We'll be sharing your events with a posting on their blog, lots of tweets, and posting events on Facebook. These activities have begun and will continue over the next month. Maximize the exposure of your event by posting your event to SciStarter now!


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