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SciStarter Registration

Register your event with SciStarter!

Thanks to everyone who has registered their events!

The wonderful folks at SciStarter are helping us advertise your onsite transcription events. We'll be sharing your events with a posting on their blog, lots of tweets, and posting events on Facebook. These activities have begun and will continue over the next month. Maximize the exposure of your event by posting your event to SciStarter now!

What is an event page and how do I create one?
Event pages are where interested participants can find an event near them and where you can point your citizen scientists for information. We request that all event hosts create an event page. In a change from previous years, all event hosts will now be in charge of creating and managing their own event pages on SciStarter. We'll use that information to populate event info on WeDigBio
To create an Event in SciStarter:

  1. Sign up at from the link in the top right.
  2. Select Event Finder, then Add an Event, from the upper right.
  3. Complete the form, providing as much detail as you can. **Be sure to include "WeDigBio" somewhere in the form. This will enable us to programmatically search for your event.**
  4. If your event is private, e.g., in your classroom, complete the "How to register" box with text along the lines of, "This event is private. To find a public event near you, or to host an event at your school or institution, visit to learn more."
  5. Feel free to use text from the general WeDigBio event page.

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