Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections

WeDigBio 2019: Day Two

WeDigBio 2019 is breaking records!

Notes from Nature logged 9,865 transcriptions on Day 1, making it the most productive day for them ever!  With many more events today and over the weekend, and lots of people online, let's see if we can break that record again! 

The other platforms are getting tons of transcriptions and annotations too. Maybe we can break some WeDigBio event records!

Today was a good day for tiny specimens. At the Manchester Museum participants transcribed text from these stunning botanical slides (left), and at the Massey Herbarium at Virginia Tech participants were busy transcribing labels from 100 year old seeds (right):

And photos of events all over the place including Howard University's Plant Diversity class (left), Manchester Museum (center) and Massey Herbarium (right).


Over the weekend we'd love to get additional participation from citizen scientists in Asia, South America, and Africa. Help us spread to word and light up the darker areas our WeDigBio dashboard map!

A quick reminder to please have your event PARTICIPANTS complete this survey and event HOSTS, please complete this survey.

A huge thank you to everyone! Looking forward to a big weekend of events!


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